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Tax Service

We provide comprehensive tax planning and preparation of all tax returns. . . . federal, state and local taxes, covering sales tax, property tax and unemployment taxes....we prepare whatever is necessary to protect your interests, save you time and provide them to you for your review prior to the filing date. 

All tax returns are prepared by a knowledgable, experienced CPA.  We do not utilize parttime, unqualified personnel to prepare tax returns.  We never outsource tax preparation or paperwork to foreign entities.  We do not try to sell you gimmicks such as rapid refunds or overpriced "audit insurance".

Our emphasis is on year-round tax planning.  Our service includes ongoing advice throughout the year, eliminating surprises and taking proactive approach in tax planning.  You can take advantage of tax opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.  We encourage you to call throughout the year with any tax questions you have.

We keep you informed of tax changes and news throughout the year.  Each year we provide a recap of the tax changes in time for you to take action before year-end.

Tax Software has it limitations.  Most of the tax software works for simple tax returns.  More complex returns often have errors due to the lack of review by a knowledgable professional.

We are an authorized electronic return filer with the Internal Revenue Service to provide more accuracy and more importantly, to speed the receipt of your tax refunds.

In addition to our expertise and training, we have access to our national support systems and research departments.  This further enhances our ability to find every possible deduction and tax strategy that is legally available to you.  We have prepared to provide you with minimal liability and maximum refund, when applicable.

Remember, it's not what you make, but what you keep!



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